martes, abril 03, 2012

Keep fighting, Ghul, Keep Fighting

No puedo deciros quién es, ni puedo deciros donde está. Pero os diré que estaba en la mejor posición para no tener siquiera que luchar para vencer y decidió hacer lo contrario. Cambiar de bando.
Porque una victoria y un placer nunca sustituyen a un amor y una causa justa. Ahora sigue luchando aunque a vosotros no os importe que él muera y que su tierra arda.
Este es el único homenaje que puedo hacerle.
Sigue luchando Ghul, sigue luchando.

  • AnónimoApr 3, 2012 05:29 AM
    You always had a fondness for Asthma, little brother. Beautiful women do not always have beautiful souls. You should know better than anyone. Now is the time. Come back home. This has always been the home of your soul. Fight those who know you know it. Come back home. Western Guys and Dolls do not deserve you. Especially the Western dolls. Ghull

  • Western girls were always a problem for you, right ghull?
    There are too many beautiful shells soulless. And there too many big men who do not have big hearts.
    Now I'm fighting, big brother, I am fighting from the moment I wake until I go to bed.
    There are too many fairies and goblins in this western Atlantic civilization that do nothing except hover seeking pleasures and escapades.
    You already know to fight, If I go to fight with you...
    who make the effort to teach them to fight?

  • So are you. You bleed for them even though they may not even be aware that you're bleeding, or that you do for them. Love them even though they never love again. My beloved sister taught you that. Allah Yafaslha

  • She taught me not. Just reminded me that I knew. Just keep fighting. I can only try to minimize our loss. We're overdue, ghull, we are already defeated. We do not know love or fight. We know only enjoy and beg. The memory of your beloved sister shed tears if she knew. Allah Yafaslha

  • But there is still someone in your Western world to love?

  • ha ha ha ... Do not be evil, Ghul.
    Do not they know they can be loved, they know they want to be loved and pretend to believe that there need to be loved. But worth it. Some women always deserve it. You keep fighting. Only you keep fighting.
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